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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You better keep looking for him in the virtual medias where you are going to have so many information about him. Nagamani hates that and separates them with her tactics. We better turn our view to the works of this man to get the actual view of works of this man. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Nagamani sees that her influence over the family is being challenged by Sudha who insists that Venkatraidu leave his prison and return to the family circle as there is nothing wrong with him. Annayya's father can provide him anything he wants, but Annayys's only desire is to get a mother's love.

She makes Dora Babu aware of the intentions of his mother. Dora Babu defends his mother and offers to prove that Sudha is wrong. Finally, the film concludes with Dora Babu recovering, agreeing to give up to his mother his worldly possessions and leaving home with his wife. Veturi Sundararama Murthy. Swayamsiddha went on to be made into a Bengali movie of the same name.

As we have mentioned that this is quiet impossible to gather them all at a time and this will difficult for you either to read them all. This involves Saraswati voicing her concerns to Annayya about his mother, resulting in Saraswati being slapped once by her husband, and alienating him. The most interesting part of his acting is, he can adjust himself with any of the character that given by the movies authority. Sudha discovers this and tells her husband.

Meanwhile, his list of the awards is also very long by which you are going to be tired to read them all at a time. Dora Babu meets Sudha Meena in a marriage and keeps following her. The film was produced by M.

The screenplay of the Kannada movie was written by Telugu director P. Although, he is mainly a production of the Telugu film industries but he is also parted in the Bollywood movies as well. The story line has been inspiration for various movies and has had various remakes in Indian film industry. Narasimha Rao under Raasi Movies and directed by E. She is being abducted and assaulted at a fair, cyberlink powerdvd trial version he rescues her.

Then the battle begins within the household between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law which involves Saraswati trying to outdo Nagamani. Keeravani Films directed by E. She tears up the legal papers and tells him that all she wants is nothing more than Dora Babu.

Saraswati discovers that Nagamani's motherly love is fake and all that Nagamani wants is to capture Annayya's wealth. Thats why we are going to mention some of the awards which is prestigious and honorable for each of the actors. Nagamani and her brother Kota Srinivasa Rao make Venkatraidu paralyzed, consider him as a mental patient and eventually lock him in a room of the family home. Swayamsiddha went on to be made into a Bengali movie of same name.

Abbaigaru (1993)

Daggubati Venkatesh Life And Career At A Glance Overview

The name you can is one of the best of by all the Indian movie lovers around the world. Then Nagamani makes Annayya to follow each and every step that her mother says and not to take even a single decision without her permission. Dora Babu drinks the milk, He comes to the realization that what Sudha said was all along his mother's intentions. The two fall in love and despite the villagers believing she is no longer chaste, he marries her and goes to his mother.

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Nagamani starts to abuse and embarrass Sudha with all the family members present. Sudha then cleverly starts exposing Nagamani's every effort and intention in a dignified manner so that her husband will not be offended. Ravichandran Madhoo Aruna Irani. This humiliation does not worry Saraswati, who eventually wins the battle once Nagamani realizes the importance of loving her stepson back as much as he loves her.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Dora Babu becomes devoted to Nagamani, she raises Dora Babu as an uneducated boy since he does anything she says, loves her a lot does whatever she asks of him. Vijaya Chidatala Appa Rao K. The music was composed by Naada Brahma Hamsalekha.

Abbaigaru Telugu Movie Songs - Listen OnlineAbbaigaaru (1993)

Sudha is ready to leave, but then, to protect her husband and her house from Nagamani's intentions, she decides to apologize to her mother-in-law. As the day passes, Nagamani's brother Dheerendra Gopal enters into Annayya's house by convincing Sreenath that he has lost all his properties due to some loss. The music composed by Hamsalekha was well received and the audio sales hit a record high.

Daggubati Venkatesh Life And Career At A Glance Overview

As the time passes, Annayya grows up and gets married to Saraswati Madhoo.