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Excellent job, Keep it up. All are inspirational to fill spirtual urge. He drinks from the glass of Rajjo Vikram Singh who later turns out to be the would-be-suitor of Dimpy and becomes drunk.

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Heropanti was shot at many places including Gulmarg in Kashmir Valley. We are very happy to hear this. That night, Bablu escapes and enters the house after the light fuse burns out. With the help of these letters Bablu and his friends blackmail her.

Dear Georgy, Really God has blessed u with a vision to touch millions of heart through this site. Dimpy does not agree, but later when circumstances force her, she agrees. They manage to stop the bus but when Renu talks back to her father, Chaudhary is heartbroken. Mail will not be published required. Dimpy finds Renu's love letters in her room one of which reaches her uncle.

Chaudhary, however, is frightened when Bablu returns, fearing that he will elope with Dimpy. Download the latest version here.

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Heropanti Theatrical release poster. Hope to chat with you soon. To Dimpy's shock, it turns out that it was none other than her, herself that Bablu saw that day. Would love to have a talk with you. Dimpy finds Bablu and he gives her the earring he found that belongs to the girl he fell in love with.

Christian Hindi Songs

That night Dimpy and Bablu go to a night club. When they threaten to kill one of his friends, Bablu tells them that Renu and Rakesh are in Delhi. You are dowing the great job. Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut. Without thinking much she drops those letters where the boys are held captive.

Dimpy's uncle, Pappi, comes to know that Bablu had helped them to flee when he overhears Dimpy. He keeps a close eye on Bablu and Dimpy. Bablu manages to locate her in time and beats up the goons, player for high definition videos winning the trust of Dimpy's father. It is a remake of the Telugu film Parugu. You can playback the songs as much as you like.

Thank you so much for this wonderful site, it so nice. Hi Jyotirmaya, You can playback the songs as much as you like. You can playback any of them from this page. Hope so it starts working soon. However, Bablu makes a deal with her that in exchange for her sister's whereabouts, Dimpy must find the girl he fell in love with.

He plans on conducting the marriage with pomp. Chaudhary Prakash Raj is a very well known and respected man in his village. Bablu and Dimpy unite with a hug, while Chaudhary and the other people of the Jatt community agree to permit inter-caste and love marriages and Chaudhary accepts Renu back as his daughter.

Chaudhary decides to find them at any cost. Chaudhary holds Bablu and the other two friends captive till they tell of the couple's whereabouts. Stardust Award for Superstar of Tomorrow - Male.

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Dear Gregory, Thank you so much for this wonderful site, it so nice. Shankar and Sukhi Prashant Singh. Hello Guys very well done. He and his friends come back with the intention to get Dimpy to elope with Bablu.

You can play the songs as many times as you like from this page. This entry is filed under Songs. Anyway the option to download them is not provided for now.

At first when Bhuppi, Pappi, Sukhi, and the gang confront Bablu and attack him to find Rakesh, Bablu single-handedly beats up all of them but is hit in the head and loses consciousness. Please let me know how to download them. Theatrical release poster.

Chaudhary and his men manage to locate two of Rakesh's friends from different places and beat them up. Bablu realises that he misses Dimpy too much. When Chaudhary takes Bablu outside, Bablu tells him that he understands how Chaudhary felt when Renu ran way from home and promises him that he will not elope with Dimpy. Chaudhary and his men bring them over to his place and one of them reveals Bablu's Tiger Shroff name and that he might have an idea where Renu and Rakesh are.

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The entire group is beaten badly. He realises that Dimpy will only be happy if she is with Bablu, and tells Bablu to take her away. Get Updates via Email for Free. When Shaalu Sugandha Mishra is about to burn those letters, Dimpy's uncle asks one of his men to check it. The friends decide to flee one day, but Bablu gets a glimpse of the girl and stops in his tracks to look at her and the boys are caught because of him.

They are however stopped at the last moment by Chaudhary. But never mind, you can bookmark this page and play these songs any time you want, as long as you want.

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Chaudhary decides to spare their lives, but at a cost- openly claiming that, to him, Renu is no more. Bollywood Hungama News Network. Hi James, You can play the songs as many times as you like from this page. It is very nice, But how to download these songs?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. God Bless you too and keep up the good work. They tell him that they don't know anything, but no one believes them.

Thanx for heart touching songs! In the morning, while Dimpy is confessing her love to Bablu, Chaudhary spots Renu and Rakesh on a bus and chases after them with Bablu and Chaudhary's men following close behind. When Renu and Rakesh are about to be killed as punishment, Renu confesses that she is pregnant. Bablu and his friends go with Chaudhary's men to town one day to search for Renu and Rakesh, where Bablu helps them to board a bus to Shimla. Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment.