Bridge Design Books

Well-written, often humorous, advice for beginners who know the fundamentals and want to reduce their mistakes. Modern Losing Trick Count. Lead partner's suit or your own? Explains many of the major conventions used by modern players in a more readable but not as comprehensive format than Kearse's Bridge Conventions Completete. The Abbot's Return to Earth.

Recommended Bridge Books

Includes recipes for bridge parties. The well-written narratives offer compelling characters, clever plotting and many excellent bridge hands. These and other issues are covered in an approachable book aimed at players who want to improve this important skill. The focus here is on bidding decisions. The problems and analyses demonstrate how to assess the situation, picture the unseen hands and decide if an unusual or psychological solution is needed.


The Canterbury Bridge Tales. Woolsey offers valuable insights about how to make better use of the limited vocabulary of bridge bidding and improve the messages we send with bids and the play of the cards.


Expanded and updated versions of Reese's originals, these books focus on planning the play and finding an advantage. The link connects to the Waterstones Bookshop to buy on-line. One of the best books ever written on this subject, from one of the most readable and popular of all bridge authors. Great advice, lots of examples and an entertaining writing style from this prolific and popular author.

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Golden Rules for Competitive Auctions. It's all written in the straightforward, conversational style that has made Lawrence one of the most popular of all bridge authors. The story settings include a bridge tournament, ancient Egypt and outer space. One hundred problems covering a wide range of card-play techniques.

Good instruction on trump management, with an emphasis on the types of deals where you need to delay drawing trumps or take special care when leading the suit. The author shows how to collect vital clues from the bidding and play to make logical conclusions about the unseen hands. Victor Mollo's Bridge Club.

Based on a previous book by the same author, this revised edition incorporates new ideas from experts Tim Bourke and Sandra Landy. Instruction, examples and quizzes that demonstrate how to bid, play and defend a wide range of hands. The author also discusses common mistakes and how to mentally prepare for competition. The author covers many useful agreements and conventions that can improve slam bidding.

You'll find ideas here to help you improve your game. This is an updated version of this classic. The new edition was updated by Ron Klinger to include more modern bidding theories.

Bridge design books


Named Bridge Book of the Year, powerpoint backgrounds 2010 the first title is so widely read that it revolutionized modern competitive bidding. Hambly covers methods of analysis of various types of bridge decks. The Bridge Player's Bible.

Tips for how to make your own luck by improving bidding, play and hand-evaluation skills. She also includes tips on how bridge teachers can help students become more comfortable with the game.

An update of the Bridge Book of the Year. The deals are presented as quizzes so you can test your skill against the experts. Beat the Experts at Bridge. The basics are presented in an short, easy steps, with a handy index for quick reference. Also included are recipes for dishes to share with other players.

Each section contains a brief introduction on a specific topic, followed by problems that allow readers to practice their new skills. Understanding the Contested Auction. Two volumes that feature memorable matches for national and world titles.

The book teaches the reader how to make the correct inferences and deductions and how to assess timing issues. Now out of print, but used copies are available. The over-the-shoulder format offers insights into the author's thinking on dozens of hands from actual play.

Bridge design books

Concise instruction with a focus on the rationale behind the recommendations. They cover how to recognize recurring situations, channel mental processes and understand cause and effect at the bridge table.

The author explains how and why the expert declarers and defenders made their decisions as each hand develops. The Publications Centre P. The two volumes include discussions of vacant spaces, restricted choice, conditional probability and how divisions of one suit affect the odds of other suit divisions.

Bridge design books

An entertaining novel about a teenager's relationship with his uncle and his discovery of the world's greatest game. Frank Stewart's World of Bridge.

The Naked Bridge Player and other stories. Understanding the Uncontested Auction.

Bridge design books

An entertaining collection of deals where queens are featured in bidding, play and defense problems. The stakes are high and in almost every case, you have the chance to do better than the declarers and defenders did at the table. Fifty-two bridge hands that are amusing, instructional and sometimes spectacular.

This isn't a bridge book, and it's much more than a poker book. Cook and Deal By Dorothy Cook. Home