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You mean a sanely tagged filemanager like gnome with leaftag for fully integrated tagging features? Not perfect, but it at least shows promise. He then offered a few guidelines. Its that no-one has explained to these guys how to do the most basic things with files with any metaphor.

Physical objects on a real desk are easy to manipulate because I have a crazy high resolution view of them eyes and I have two very capable hands to interact with them. Its a different way of thinking about how we organize out information, and seems as intimidating as a simple mouse probably did way back when. Product Overview and Analysis.

Being that old Amiga user I grew up with Directory Opus and this got stuck in my behavior. The problem is, the extension of the desktop metaphor to such a level results in massive reduciton of intuiveness, almost to the point of absurdity. Desktops are very antiquated.

It could be used for the currently open application windows or documents, or the most recently taken pictures from your digital camera, or as a photo organizer. Sure it would take some time to get used to it, but everything does. Documents get covered one by another?

It s time to rethink CRM

Associating a name with an icon makes it infinitely easier to find among dozens of identical icons. It does use the wheel menu, which has been around about as long as there was a graphical display.

Complete your registration. Files at the top become smaller than the ones at the bottom. The virtual icons can be folded just like in real life.

Maybe try thumbnails instead of icons. Speaking of which, how about that iPad? Android tablet talk reignited in April when Google confirmed it acquired Bump Technologies. Link your accounts to manage all your info in one place. Would you like to receive these special partner offers via e-mail?

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Apparently a desktop environment I heard of years ago, the BumpTop Desktop environment, internet manager with patch myegy has reached a point where the development team has released a private beta version. The premise behind BumpTop is that managing your files is easier if it is done in a way that is just like the Real World. Fiering said BumpTop provides a differentiated interface and sends a strong message about Google's commitment to providing support for an Android ecosystem in the tablet space.

MadRat I love the arcade style physics added to the desktop. The concept of a desktop on the computer seems very old I have to agree on that. In this case, it caters particularly to people who organize by piles, and this organizational method is explicitly mentioned in the prototype video. The prototype utilizes icons to represent files, but I don't know if this is intended to be final.

In fact, a really clear split between the two types of application using vs. Please provide the following information to complete your registration. The company declined to confirm this, but several other happenings pointed toward Google's interest in tablet computers. This sent a clear message to industry experts that the Google tablet rumors are for real. On more than one occasion I've seen cross-stacked papers in an office to be able to make a large pile of papers while being able to group papers that belong together.

And man, I am trying to be nice here. Use easy to recognise English file names, use the sort headers in the file manager and so on. As such, abstract processes are much harder to reason about and take more effort and time to use.

It s time to rethink CRM

Honestly not my cup of tea. It apparently turns out that they always managed their documents through Word or Excel or whatever. Even now it was bad when two icons were covering one another.

Top Mobile Device Management Companies. Too bad that Konfabulator is no substitute on Windows.

It could be a highly effective method, however, in conjunction with, say Microsoft's Surface multitouch tables. Best Buy and Apple stores can't keep them on the shelves and Apple's manufacturers can't build them fast enough for consumers overseas. This demands a pretty highres display and good eyes. Yep, having all on desktop, on reach like on real desk. It would be the virtual equivalent of using a sticky note instead of folding the corner and trying to remember why you did it.

You could say the same about using a mouse or any other interface. That is right, but those types of files are better comparable to the nuts and bolts of a machine. The various magical mouse gestures are also not intuitive in the least.

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It was one guy, who also had a video demonstration on his site. Our brains have developed over thousands and millions of years working with physical objects. Friend of mine is recently teaching a computer familiarisation course to home users. This might be not the right thing for technically challenged people but it beats Windows Explorer a times. Several months back there was a demo of a touch screen display that was capable of handling multiple input points.

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