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It is widely reported that he had been the victim of several death threats. In addition to singing his own songs, Chamkila wrote several songs and sold them to other artists. The couple's appeal grew not only in the Punjab, but they quickly raced to international stardom among Punjabis abroad. Sonia had felt sidelined after Shinda took Gulshan Komal to a tour in Canada, after which she was instrumental in pushing Chamkila to record his debut album. She would become Chamkila's permanent singing partner providing the female vocals for his duets, that is, the majority of the songs that he wrote.

There are many other conspiracy theories as to why Chamkila was killed. The concerts served as a medium for gaining exposure and testing people's response to new songs that were planned for future recordings. He also had many solo songs which have been sung in recent times by artists such as Chamak Chamkila, Nirmal Sidhu, Amar Arshi, and even his teacher Surinder Shinda. With a natural aptitude for music, he learned to play the harmonium and dholki.

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When Shinda heard the year-old Chamkila sing, he finally found the protege that he had been looking for. Much of Chamkila's success may be attributed to the fan-base he acquired performing in free, open-air concerts known as Akhade in Punjabi around Punjab. His aspirations of becoming an electrician were unfulfilled and he found work at a Ludhiana cloth mill.

Amarjot herself was a renowned singer and sang with Kuldip Manak. He got fame from his first ever recorded song takuve te takuva.

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He was also an accomplished player of the Tumbi instrument. Chamkila had spoken with close friends that he felt compelled to marry Amarjot as that was the only way to ensure the duet stayed together. He left Miss Usha in the same year in favour of teaming up with a female folk singer named Amarjot. This section does not cite any sources.

It is rumoured that Chamkila was happy enough writing songs, but he wasn't earning enough money to look after his family, karnataka flag images so had to start singing. Chamkila first partnered up with the female vocalist Surinder Sonia who had previously worked with Surinder Shinda.

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He has a huge fan following in Punjab. His music was heavily influenced by the Punjabi village life he was surrounded by growing up. Chamkila's second marriage was with his co-singer Amarjot Kaur, with whom he has a son Jaiman Chamkila. There are many conspiracy theories as to why Chamkila was killed. The record was released in and and was produced by Charanjit Ahuja.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When Shinda heard the year-old Chamkila sing, he had finally found the protege that he had been looking for.

Film adaptation Indian filmmaker Gunjit Chopra has completed a Chamkila biopic. Some singers have used some of Chamkila's lyrics in their songs as part of their chorus. The Khalistani movement is believed to be behind the killing of Chamkila as his songs might have been objectionable to the movement. The high-profile murder sparked a frenzy of controversy and speculation.

Not much is known about Amarjot Kaur, except for the fact that she was previously married but left the marriage to pursue her dream of singing. He was born into a poor family in the chamar caste. Deep, Mohammad Sadiq and Surinder Shinda. He wrote several songs for Shinda and accompanied him as a member of his entourage before deciding to pursue a solo career.

The nature of those threats or the rationale behind them still remains a mystery. He also recorded a music video for one of his songs for the state-owned Doordarshan channel, but after his death his video was taken off the air. At the time of his death, he reportedly had songs that had not been sung or recorded.

However, no arrests were ever made with connection to the shooting and the case was never solved. He was a legend of the Punjabi music industry.

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He commonly wrote songs about extra-marital relationships, coming of age, drinking, drug use, and the hot tempers of Punjabi men. This article relies largely or entirely on a single source. One of the possibility is honor killing, because Chamkila's wife Amarjot was belong to Tarkhan family. Chamkila may have been murdered by an individual he might have refused to perform for due to a scheduling conflict or other reasons.

He got fame from his first ever recorded song Takue Te Takua. Indian filmmaker Gunjit Chopra has completed a Chamkila biopic. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

Accompanying the couple would be a harmonium and dholki player and Chamkila would play the Tumbi. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Both films fared averagely at the box office, but still increased Chamkila's popularity. Chamkila is regarded as one of the best stage performers Punjab has ever produced.

This theory is further backed by his colleagues musicians, booking staff etc. Also, a biopic-documentary named Mehsampur is based on Chamkila's life and is produced by Kabir Singh Chowdhry. Chamkila would go on to play alongside Punjabi folk artists such as K.

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He partnered up with the female vocalist Surinder Sonia and recorded eight duets. They were also commonly booked for wedding parties, charging a reported Rs.

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Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. The cunningly worded lyrics, which he had written himself, became hits across Punjab.