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Love in the Streets

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Daimen and Junice both know how it feels to live during hard times and not being in a nice neighborhood and that is why the setting fits the novel so well. He was involved with a lot of dangerous situations at an early age. Common Sense is a nonprofit organization. The story was about some people with difficult lives, but being written about in such beautiful words. Sienna was a good doctor, she was very smart and cared about her patients.

Street Love Book Review

Daimen got accepted to brown university and had a good head on his shoulders. She changed herself for better to live, Interesting Read! She's a very strong and independent woman, who's grown up long before she should've had to.

Love in the Streets

She was supposed to be off limits but neither could stay away from each other. One good slap would've done it. Continue reading Show less.

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Her parts of the book were my favorite, and were the most well-written, in my opinion. User Review - Flag as inappropriate The book is about a dope man that now wants to sell more drugs his glorified life. Is there another me to find? There are leftover strands and jagged Edges that cut even my friends.

Roxanne and his best friend, Kevin helps assist him when he gets in confrontation with Sledge and Chico, Two rivals from the other side of the street. Daimen was a boy who grew in the streets but did not let the streets stop him from success. These are definitely characters that I would love to hear from in the future Hint, hint, Ms. Streets, and Siena where so good together. Sienna and Streets were perfect for each other, the chemistry was evident and though this happened over a relatively short period of time, teamspeak 3 I believed their connection.


Rob grew up in an eastside ghetto of Detroit Michigan. Sienna and Street's were so cute together. Selected pages Title Page. Daimen mother had her mind set on one girl she wanted Daimen to dated but had another person in mind someone his parents would not approve but that did not stop Daimen. His family has worked hard to make sure Damian attend Browns University next year.

He has a girlfriend, Roxanne, and a best friend, Kevin, who assists him when he gets into confrontations with Sledge and Chico, two rivals from the other side of the street. What presumptions did Damien have about Junice? Damien says that we must have a plan to succeed. Be the first to review this title. Even though she feels for Damien, she's afraid to let herself trust him and fully embrace his place in her life.

But Junice tells him that he's the one who needs the reality check. Daimen saw the good in Junice while everyone saw a girl who is lost and no good. Characterization is relayed through shifting perspectives in the various chapters. Junice had no love from her mother and that is all she wanted is to be loved.

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As a sixteen-year-old, she now feels responsible for her eleven-year-old sister, and is forced to grow up even more. Knowing that Myers was at least in part inspired by Romeo and Juliet helps to explain its shortness - but his story didn't have to be.

The number of characters continue to spiral out into the strange social webs we all have. My biggest complaint about this book is that I wish the story were longer.

Ashley Nicole has definitely stepped her game up with this one. They were both so strong in their own right individually, that when they connected it was almost caused irreversible damage because neither of them had ever dealt with this type of interaction. Award winning author Walter Dean Myers brings hip-hop, love, and poetry together for a Romeo and Juliet -like story of teen love. That, and there was an insta-love plot, which I just can't ever get into. Great read This is the first time reading your books and this book was a really good read.

Sienna Jameson grew up with a crime boss as a father and is not looking for a man with the same occupation. She points out to the woman that they are both Black women. That sister, Mickey, had a real problem. Other than not understanding some of the figurative language used, I really enjoyed the book because it was a nice book to read and it also challenged me at times. This couple had a difficult relationship but overcame it.

Daimen felt Junice was just as good as any other girl just because she lives a rough life does not mean she is a bad person. Damien could have chose Roxanne someone he resembled him strongly or take a chance to explore what the world has in store for him by giving Junice the time of day. Other times there is no punctuation, so the reader must determine if a line is enjambed, or if a thought stops and there just isn't any punctuation to show it. Damien is the perfect son who has his life laid out in front of him.


Sienna and Shannon I just loved third together. You have to read it to see the value and goodness it holds. Want personalized picks that fit your family? In the beginning of the book it displays the dislike between Sledge and Damien.

Street Love Book Review

Street Love is a novel in verse, which was hard to get used to at first, but then became more natural. She was such a brat and a hater for real, Sienna was too nice to her. He invites her to a dance, both are very shy with each other but they both know of the love that is growing between them even though not much action is learned about to us. This book also best fits anyone who likes reading romance novels and poetry.