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Adding materials to a card. HyperStudio enables novice computer users to create interactive multimedia lessons, reports, projects, and presentations.

The software offers a great number of possibilities to create activities that will help with the teaching of vocabulary, such as matching antonyms and synonyms. For example, word-by-word processing has been shown to negatively affect working memory and therefore to attenuate reading effectiveness.

Cards can include text, graphics, sounds, and other multimedia elements. Also, glossed texts, with quick access to definitions of unknown words, can help readers to focus on top-down processes i.

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Some features can be added from the Colors or Tools menus, which can be opened and left on the screen by clicking and dragging them to a location of your choosing. Many of these can also be added from the Objects menu. All of these are areas that would lend themselves well to making use of Hyperstudio's ability to record and replay.

Creating a new card entails adding colors, graphics, movies, sound, etc. The program could be used for a story-telling activity by creating a stack of cards with pictures that illustrate the events of a story.

Check out the latest edition here. The software developer is not up to date with hyper studio. Following are some suggestions related to different skills and language components. The same technique can be used to supply access to additional input such as pictures, activating necessary schemata for inducing reading comprehension. Understanding second language acquisition.

Although HyperStudio can be used to teach many subjects, quran in bangla mp3 this review examines the software's potential for the teaching and learning of languages. Metacognitive strategies can also be enhanced using HyperStudio.

For advanced learners, notetaking while listening can be a challenging activity. The program can be used across all curricular areas but offers special advantages for foreign language classrooms. Use one program for all your media-centric projects.

Hints for story production. Other activities that can help students understand the composition process can be created by adding hints for drafting, redrafting and revising compositions. It contains all the resources used by the project such as graphics, sounds, text, and pictures. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Sequencing cards in a stack can assist in the creation of many writing activities for all levels.

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Also, it could be used to help learners develop metastrategies involved in reading. Ready-made stack, example of Pre-built cards.

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Digital Humanities Recent Links. Description Use one program for all your media-centric projects.


Current developments in second language reading research. Learning and practicing the Logo programming language will enable the user to expand HyperStudio's power. This is a very handy way to have text boxes, animations, or anything else start after a preset delay when arriving at a card. Also, samples, together with lesson plans and tips for implementation, are provided for illustration. Instructors and students in the humanities and the liberal arts increasingly work in an electronically supported and extended world of multimedia texts.

Learners can take different roles in such dialogues in the form of role-playing. The target dialogue could be recorded using the software so the learners can check their performances.

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. It deals with six categories deemed necessary by the authors Lynn and Thompson, n. The combination of movies, sound, pictures and text offers numerous methods for creating listening materials. Another card that highlights important information could steer students towards considering them to be landmarks for better understanding. It is an authoring software program used by teachers and students to create multimedia projects.

Although HyperStudio claims to be user-friendly, it is difficult to handle and requires some time to master. The other caveat has to do with the size of the screen which is often very small. Listening to songs is a motivating activity.

The effect of rhetorical ordering on readability, In C. The Reference Manual describes the many features and functions of HyperStudio. HyperStudio provides many opportunities for teachers and learners of languages. Information Seller Software MacKiev.

It should be pointed out that all of the above activities can be programmed to provide immediate feedback. Describing processes is a promising, though difficult, activity for intermediate learners. It is quite certain that learners will appreciate customized materials made with Hyperstudio that are tailored specifically to them and their needs. Activities created with Hyperstudio can introduce reading materials other than texts such as timetables, graphs, prospectuses, and so on.