Iso 19902

Fill Ub and press Apply to set Ub parameter to all selected braces. It is possible to edit Safety Factors and Selection.

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Pick Load, select Connections to be included in the table, set number format and press Fill Table to display the results. Press to find all connections of the model. Parameters in columns - each parameter values are in one column for all connections.

The gap is a minimum distance between two differently loaded braces tension and compression measured on a shell of the chord. Force Tolerance - a type of brace depends on axial forces of members of connection. Set Braces Overlapping - open window to set the overlapping brace. Extra joint axial capacity calculations are performed to connections that contain increased thickness of the chord.


BS EN 19902 2007

Gaps depend on Load and are calculated only between the braces with different axial forces tension and compression. If the beam members are not recognized press.

Ub and Resistance factor are applied only to critical braces. Fill Resistance a factor and press Apply to set a factor to all selected braces. By default, the selection is set to Circular Tube Shapes. Show Load Results - display results for each selected load per brace. The portion of the overlapping brace force may be calculated from the ratio of the cross-sectional area of the brace that bears onto the through brace to the full area of the overlapping brace.

Select Connections and press Fill Table to display the results. Percentage of each gap is calculated using forces of the connection. According to the calculation procedure, Beam Length for Y and Z direction required. It is important to set this value for each material.

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Overlapping braces can contain negative gap if they are loaded in a different way. It is possible that brace can have two or more gaps to considerate.

Parameter that fails - select a parameter to compare with failure value. Sort by parameter - Sort connections by ascending absolute value of the selected parameter. Fill Effective Length and press Apply to set the value to all selected braces.

Safety Factors are set to Standard default values. Effective length L is calculated for each brace separately. Chord maximum curvature angle - Not always chord elements form a straight line. When all diameters of connection are equal, thicknesses are compared.

When all elements of connection are of the same dimensions, chord is recognized as pair of elements that form straight line. Joint check is based on connections. If any pair that matches conditions is found, random element will be recognized as chord. Minimum allowable stress is taken if elements are of different materials. If not all circular members should be checked, then the selection can be modified.

Latest software release

Part e and f are not implemented. Such connections are recommended to be checked. Effective Length is applied only to braces that Use Can calculations.

Petroleum and natural gas industries -- Fixed steel offshore structures

Amount of stiffeners is defined as characteristic for each beam member. For each brace connected to the chord, introduction to computer ppt connection elements of the chord are taken into account. If the brace is overlapping section is not applied. It is enabled if the option above is turned on. Joint type is based on type of loading.

Can be set manually to critical joints. Results are displayed only for braces. Select Is Critical and press Apply to set if all selected braces are critical or non-critical. Press to preview and highlight connection in Simcenter.

Each connection is a set of elements near joint node see Joints Finder. If balanced forces of all braces on one side and balanced forces of all braces of other side are equal then all braces are classified as X Cross.

It is not necessary to change them. Connections consists of Chord and braces. This option defines allowable tolerance for the total force that is used in calculations of brace type. Connection can contain braces from the both sides of the chord. This section is applied to connections with cans.

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