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After marrying a poor woman, rich Rahul is disowned by his father and moves to London to build a new life. Through these letters she learns that her mother Tina knew that another Anjali was in love with Rahul, and vows to bring them together again. Parineeti Chopra's Watchlist.

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Kucch To Hai

But things go wrong when the officer is killed and Vijay is left to fend for himself. You love her a lot, don't you? Hindi horror movies having a sexy bath scene.

Hindi Urdu English Italian. She's taken forever to agree to the marriage. Anjali realizes that she has fallen in love with Rahul but she's too late because Rahul has already fallen for Tina Malhotra.

Kucch To Hai

Eventually, only three are left. Karan, a small time musician, tries to win over a girl named Pooja. Natasha has always loved Karan, albeit secretly and wanted to marry him. When they find a woman's dead body there, they try to run away but are chased by Professor Bakshi. Rahul Khanna and Anjali Sharma were best friends at college.

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When Raj meets Simran in Europe, it isn't love at first sight but when Simran moves to India for an arranged marriage, love makes its presence felt. Their car accidentally hits Professor Bakshi and he falls down the cliff. Various residents and career-criminals face challenges in crime-laden Mumbai. To impress Tanya, Karan promises her that he will steal the exam answers from Professor Bakshi's house so that Tanya would pass easily. However, a killer is lurking somewhere nearby and is waiting to strike.

What's on Joshua Jackson's Watchlist? Ekta Kapoor Shobha Kapoor. Will they find their true love? She says that after finding this out, he won't forgive her, so she walks backwards in the snow and falls off the edge, yelling Karan's name. But some twists and confusion changes their life.

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During this time they exchange vows that they will live for each other only. Audible Download Audio Books. Kumar, while it's written by Rajeev Javehri. Goofs Tina says in her eighth letter to Anjali daughter that she should make Rahul and Anjali college one reunite. As usual Kajol and Shahrukh Khan shines together.

Years later, Tanya, Karan and their group have a reunion at the wedding of one of their friends. Heartbroken, Anjali leaves the city. Kabhii Sautan Kabhii Sahelii Kundali. Years later, Rahul and the now-deceased Tina's eight-year-old daughter attempts to reunite her father and Anjali. My Favorite Indian Movies.

During their college years, Anjali was in love with her best-friend Rahul, but he had eyes only for Tina. Due to complications during pregnancy, Tina passes away.

Aman, since the wedding is in December, why don't you go back to London for a while? He runs to save her, but is unsuccessful, and her scarf blows into his face.

Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Trending Hindi Movies and Shows. Favorite Shah Rukh Khan Movie. The film is produced under the banner of Balaji Motion Pictures.

When some students, who have been caught cheating in their exams, decide to change their marks, they break into the Professor's room, and this is where they find his wife's lifeless body. Together Karan, Natasha and Yash along with two other friends, Pat and Kush, sneak inside Professor Bakshi's house to retrieve the exam papers so Tanya's year won't be a waste. But Aman has a secret of his own which changes their lives forever. Veere Di Wedding Laila Majnu. Darr is a girl's Kiran story caught between one man's Sunil love and another man's Rahul obsession.

Afraid, they may get blamed for breaking and entering as well as this murder, they decide to run away, leave the city and try to forget this ever happened. While on the plane back to Delhi, he meets Tanya again, and they decide to be with each other, while they find Yash in the back seat.

Fortunately, before his arrest Shyam manages to hide the diamonds at a nearby construction site, intending to return for it as soon as he gets out of prison. Xavier's College, Mumbai, a whole new world piano sheet music India.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dolly, Pat and Kush are all killed, while Yash is attacked, but miraculously survives.

Fearing arrest, they run away. Karan realises she is lying, as Professor Bakshi was with him, and also realises the piece of fabric Khush had in his hand came off Natasha's scarf. Any moment which involved them both on the scene is electric and makes the viewer crave for more and more. Tina Malhotra as Rani Mukherji. Kajol, Sanjay Dutt, Ashutosh Rana.

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Both are good friends until their friendship transforms into true love. Three down on their luck men adapts a strategical idea of extortion, only to find themselves in deep trouble. An army major goes undercover as a college student. Embroiled in all this is Rohit, Naina's best friend who conceals his love for her. Will their dreams come true?

Tanya is traumatized by these events, and leaves to start a new life. However in an attempt to get his ladylove, he gets in the bad books of police who wants him dead. This film maybe old now but it still makes me weep at the moment Anjali and Rahul finally get their chance to be together. An international gangster turns himself in, then dramatically escapes - only to face treachery and betrayal. Tina and Rahul get married and soon Tina becomes pregnant, giving birth to a daughter which they call Anjali.

Was this review helpful to you? Karan follows a car which has Natasha and Tanya in it to a cliff, and finds Natasha injured. She tells him that Professor Bakshi had brought her and Tanya here. On the first day of college, Karan remembers each of his friends who died, including Natasha. Anjali is brought up by her father, and each year on her birthday he allows his daughter to read one of her mother's letters.