Restaurant Spreadsheets

Costing and Expenses

This workbook is an expanded version of the tools used to create our Recipe Mapping series, a step-by-step method for adding menu items, lemmings for and illustrated using tested recipes from actual restaurants. Selling Restaurant Volume Purchasing.

The Inventory Master list should reflects not only the purchasing cost and unit of measure, but also the corresponding recipe cost and unit of measure. Compare the labor expense of each scenario with your actual or projected sales to determine optimum employee scheduling for each day of the week. Allows you to experiment with various cost percentage targets by entering different selling prices. They do come with detailed instructions, and while pre-configured, they can easily be customized by any reasonably experienced Excel user. Multi-unit Management Research - Development.

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Tally your labor costs separately for your kitchen, front of house, and management staff. Adds labor expenses, by Department, to the daily sales report so you can monitor your daily and week-to date labor costs as a percentage of sales.

Restaurant spreadsheets

Restaurant accounting softwares will help you keep track of the daily numbers, like sales, labor hours, tax collected and purchases. It also includes all your projected income and expenses. Increasing Sales Makeover - Remodel.

Automatically recalculates menu and recipe costs as each ingredient cost is changed. Enter your food cost percentage and your beverage cost percentage.

The cost is updated each time the price of ingredients listed in the Inventory master is changed. This workbook makes the accrual easy with detailed instructions to guide every step.

The Inventory Master worksheet is used to automatically convert purchase unit cost to recipe unit cost. Monitor your daily and weekly labor expenses as compared to labor targets that you choose. Enter your average sales for one midweek day. Each Recipe Card contains both preparation and cost information. An easy to use tool to help project daily and weekly sales by day-part.

You should review each category of your menu items based on the food cost, selling price and popularity. The report also accounts for estimated Employer tax expenses.

An employee payroll form is an important document that transmits information to the accounting department including the hiring of new employees, rate changes, terminations, and change of addresses. The report is basically the list of sales information separated by the days in a particular month. Each recipe can be a sub-recipe for another recipe or a menu item. Simply use the included password to unprotect the worksheets, make your changes and then re-protect the worksheet again!

Your restaurant business can keep its operations running smoothly by doing an inventory management. Analysis of feedback given will help you understand your customers better. Enter all percentages where indicated.

View All Operations Resources. Enter the percentage of sales that is usually attributed to food and drink. Restaurant Accounting looks at this closely by recording, analyzing transaction patterns and dealing with common day to day operations like payroll and taxes. The worksheet will auto calculate the sales totals as well as provide the daily percentage contribution.

These are most likely to be misused, wasted or even stolen, and are also relatively easy to track. As you add your own costs or expense categories, the templates will help you understand whether you have adequate funding. Public Relations Social Media Website.

Use to monitor sales by category and track weekly trends. The worksheet organizes daily and week-to-date results. Find sales tracking template here. Based on your sales, you should be able to come up with a percentage of labor costs. The worksheet serves as your weekly planning guide.

Holds up to ingredients, menu items and sub-recipes. There is no better way to effectively keep labor costs in line with your budgeted and actual sales!

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Restaurant spreadsheets

Stage Dreaming Opening Operating. Analysis in the restaurant industry makes it possible for owners and managers to make the correct and strategic decisions needed to overcome challenges before they cut into your profits too much. Maintains current recipe cost for each menu item. However, if you don't know what your target should be then how can you expect to hit it? View All Startup Resources.

Restaurant spreadsheets

These are items that represent the largest percentage of your food cost. Summarize your daily food and beverage purchases on a single weekly log sheet. View All Growth Resources.

Your revenue number from the first worksheet will transfer over to your controllable costs worksheet. The worksheet will help you track your actual expenditures to keep your costs under control. Get payroll budget template here. Includes five worksheets to assess all your menu categories from appetizers to desserts.

This workbook will make your food and beverage ordering as easy and efficient as possible. The actual usage of each product is calculated based on beginning and ending inventory and purchases. This is an easy to use tool to help project daily sales report and weekly sales report by day-part. An investment of time and money in any recipe costing model has a payoff in food cost analysis.

The recipe measures an instructions can be printed without the cost information, for use by the kitchen and in your recipe manual. You must have a compatible program installed on your computer to use them.