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First and foremost, it sports elegant user-interface and provides advanced editing features that let you go about your business with the needed flexibility. FancyKey - Keyboard Themes. The Spotlight calculator handle basic arithmetic operations. The Spotlight calculator can do percentages and exponents. It supports a variety of units across different measurement systems including metric and imperial and categories including temperature, length, weight, volume, area, and more.

The Spotlight calculator also enables you to work with unit conversions. Another simple but pretty neat thing about it is the option to drag the numbers and bring them to your current calculation without any hassle. Tydlig lets you perfectly annotate any number with an attached text label. But you can also try others if you are bored of the stock calculators on your device. The app saves your calculation, time and date stamped so that you will refer them later.

The second, it has the support for many scientific functions. Besides, EduCalc Classic also functions as a scientific calculator to let you carry out many functions like arithmetic, exponentiation, square root, cube root, etc. It lacks a conventional keypad for inputting scientific calculations. Furthermore, this calculator app is compatible with several languages including English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, old bittorrent Greek and more. The Spotlight calculator knows the values of a couple of mathematical constants.

You can convert currencies with the Spotlight calculator app. You can personalize the keypad layout to suit your workflow and make the most of drag and drop facility to get your work done smoothly. You can convert units across different measurement systems and categories with the Spotlight calculator app. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

7 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For Android And iPhone

Take advantage of the custom button layouts to get your work faster. Right within Spotlight search, you can easily convert a certain amount of money from your local currency to a foreign currency, and vice versa. The app has a powerful currency keyboard that makes conversions a quick affair.

You can get the graphical representation of the tenure of your loan and take advantage of the statistics chart to have better insight. So, these were my picks for best scientific calculator apps and most of them are available for both Android as well as iPhone.

7 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For Android And iPhoneThe Calculator on the App Store

In portrait mode, Calcbot offers a basic calculator for quick and simple operations. It automatically saves your work so that you can access it later or bring it into your current calculation. Even better, these apps are versatile and do a lot more than just simple calculation. If you ask me then I would recommend Google app as it is my go-to calculator app. Apart from that, you can check your previous calculations in the history tab.

The unit converter works effectively, allowing you to convert a number of units including area, speed, density, distance, energy, time, pressure and more. With the Spotlight calculator, you can solve basic mathematical expressions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division simply by keying them in. And the third, it excels as a handwriting calculator and offers multiples themes to spice up the experience. On the Calculator-less iPad, though, its presence is of considerable importance. With the Handoff support, you will start your work on your iPad and pick it up on your iPhone or another compatible device.

The solution is to use the calculator with fractions capabilities. Screenshots iPhone iPad Apple Watch.

Scientific Calculator Plus App

As compared to the interface of the Natural Scientific Calculator, this one is a bit messy. Supported currencies include the U. Just like real scientific calculators style. There are many apps which will serve all your purposes including scientific, graphical calculation and operations. Using this app, you can perform some of the complex mathematical operations including various numbers and mathematical equations.

7 Best Scientific Calculator Apps For Android And iPhone

You can easily change this to manual calculate button which I think is a better option. Just swipe down from the top to access Spotlight. In the Apple calculator, you have to simply start over what you were typing if you realized at the end of the problem that you copied it down wrong or something. Easy to use and functional! You can make the most of multi-line input to handle the long equations.

Jump right in along with me to discover a top bet for your iPad right now! Where to find the built-in calculator app The search for a built-in iPad calculator is over. And just like the app listed above, you need to press and hold a button if you want to use its secondary function.

As the name suggests, this calculator can be used to create graphs and solve the graphical expressions. With Centimeters, Feet and Inches Conversion!

Best Calculator Apps for iPad in Accelerate Your Calculation

Basic & Scientific Calculator

Basic & Scientific Calculator

Fortunately, accessing it is extremely easy. As compared to all the other apps mentioned here, this one provides way more customization in terms of themes and layout of the keys. The Best Calculator - Calc Pro. You can also go to the Spotlight search screen by swiping left on the first page of the home screen.