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Generally, layering hair emphasizes curl or wave. It sounds like you'd be a great candidate for layering. Be careful not to cut at an angle or let the scissors slip. You may cut it too short if you straighten it first. Cookies make wikiHow better.

Start slowly and see how you like the effect. Continue trimming hair from the top until you've trimmed the entire front and back sections of the box. Did chop a bit too much off, but no biggie.

Working from the front of your hair around the side to the back, lift sections of hair straight from the top of your head and hold them between your fingers. Laura Martin is a Licensed Cosmetologist in Georgia.

Hold your hair so that your fingers are perpendicular to your forehead. This article was co-authored by Laura Martin.

Did this article help you? If you see a spot that is uneven, or you want shorter layers, use the scissors to carefully trim your hair a small section at a time. Keep in mind that this method will only work for pixie style cuts. Tips If you have bangs or want to have bangs, then you can also learn how to cut your own bangs. If you'd like to adjust the length of your layers, use the scissors to carefully cut individual locks of hair.

How To Do The Step Haircut Video TutorialHow To Do The Step Haircut Video Tutorial

Get your hair ready for layering. If you straighten it, cut less than what you plan to.

If you want to give layering a try but would prefer not to spend money on an expensive haircut, there are simple techniques you can try at home. Wash and condition your hair as usual, then towel it dry in preparation for the haircut. To give yourself a layered haircut, start with clean, damp hair. It's better to layer short hair when it's evenly damp, biology encyclopedia so that you can cut the hair with greater precision.

Take a look at your hair and decide exactly where you want the layers to be and how short you want them before you begin. Lift the hair at a ninety-degree angle from your head and hold it straight between your forefinger and middle finger.

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Use the scissors to trim the tips of your hair, then move on to the next section. Featured Articles Layer Cutting Hair.

Paddles brushes are great for smoothing, round brushes add bevel and volume. However, if you plan to straighten it ever you'll want to make sure the layers are even. If your hair gets too wet, then dry it off with a towel. Short hair must be divided into sections before layering. However, this cut will not work well for all hair types.

The only ways to make curly hair straight are chemical processes or heat styling. When you're working with short hair, cutting the same section twice can make a big difference. You can try long layers or a one-length hairstyle. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. Are you holding your hair correctly?

Comb your hair into sections. Why do the ends of my layered hair turn outward instead of staying straight? This method creates a few face-framing layers in the front with longer layers in the back. Next, hold the hair tie with your hand and use scissors to cut the hair just above it. Layered hair frames and enhances features, making it a great choice for any face shape.

Did this summary help you? My face is narrow but have high cheek bones. Cut straight across for even layers. It may also help to twist your hair before clipping it. Keep reading for tips from our Beauty reviewer on cutting layers into shorter hair!

Let the hair fall, then use the comb to lift another section of hair in the section of hair that is immediately behind the front section. So easy to do, even on medium-textured hair. It is well suited for people with straight or wavy hair that is fine or medium, but this cut will not work as well for people with curly or coarse hair. This will serve as a guide for the correct length.

Try using a round brush to curve ends under. These techniques are for adding layers to the existing length. Laura Martin Licensed Cosmetologist. Gather your hair at the top of your head. For a subtle trim, simply comb your hair straight down and take a very small amount off the bottom ends.

Comb your hair into the style you plan to wear it in and trim the edges. Pay careful attention to which sections of hair have been cut and which still need to be cut. Check around the ears and the back of the hairline especially.

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My hair is fine but I have a lot of hair. There are many factors that determine if a style is flattering beyond the shape of your face.

To change the length I'd recommend seeing a stylist for a professional haircut. My hair is curly and I'm having lots of flyaways since my last haircut.

Part your hair down the middle. Trim the sides of your hair. Use a comb to lift the frontmost section of the top box. If I mess up, my favorite hairstylist is close to home.

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