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In other words, active directx these aren't the full-powered Windows devices that you might long for after seeing Westworld or another Hollywood fantasy. Here are our top picks for Windows tablets.

As you begin shopping, you'll note that they fall into a few different categories. Surface Pen is an additional purchase. Well-implemented kickstand. Battery life could be better.

Offer valid for purchases at participating U. Microsoft Retail Stores and Microsoft. Mild-mannered performance. Cortana Your intelligent assistant across your life - save time and get organized across any Surface and your mobile devices. Minimal changes from previous model.

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Typist-friendly keyboard cover. Complete your experience with powerful accessories that work perfectly with your Surface. Or, compare the tech specs of each computer to see how they go beyond the ordinary.

Sleek all-black color option. Some convertible laptops have keyboards that fold around the back, so you can use them as traditional clamshell laptops, as tablets, or at any position in between.

Just know that frequent travelers will like it best, and the core processing power is on the light side. Intel's current lineup of Atom, Celeron, and Pentium processors include several chips built for low power usage and passive cooling. Tiny, difficult-to-push power button. Finally, what if you simply can't live without a real keyboard, but don't want the hassle of carrying a separate one around? What sort of features are you looking for?

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Because these budget-friendly devices usually rely on low-power processors and minimal storage, you're better off getting one as a second or third device to serve alongside your laptop or smartphone. Good potential for education use. These give you a better way to take notes in class or type up an email or a term paper, and generally provide a well-rounded Windows experience.

With Windows tablets running the gamut from low-power entertainment devices to potent tools for productivity, how do you know which one to buy if you plan to use your device for both types of tasks? Extensive selection of accessories.

Narrow, extra-cost keyboard is more comfortable on a desk than on a lap. Your intelligent assistant across your life - save time and get organized across any Surface and your mobile devices. And do you care about using it on the road, or will you only need it while you're near a Wi-Fi connection? Just as with any system, however, a Windows tablet requires you to make choices. Sharp and colorful inch screen.

We'll help you answer all these questions and more, and tell you which of the many Windows tablets on the market are our favorites. Can a Tablet Replace Your Laptop? Many tablets also come with optional digital pens.

As with conventional laptops, a lot comes down to the processor. Extraordinary accessories for your new Surface Complete your experience with powerful accessories that work perfectly with your Surface. Surface All Access The ultimate way to own a Surface. Keyboard is cramped and costs extra. How big and powerful do you want or need it to be?

Some finicky issues required troubleshooting in our tests. And let's not forget touch. Multiple configuration options. Computing performance inadequate for anything other than basic productivity. These are two necessary attributes for tablets, since they house nearly all of their components behind the screen, which itself generates heat.

They don't require built-in cooling fans, and they offer usable performance that lasts for several hours on a single charge, or even a day or two of light use without visiting a power outlet. Taxes, shipping, and other charges are extra and vary. The switch from a laptop to a tablet doesn't come without issues, though. Others must be carried separately or attached via magnets to one of the tablet's edges.

Pen isn't magnetized to stick to the side of the tablet. And compared with the rugged competition it's a relative bargain. Long-lasting batteries are hot-swappable.

Of course, just like the iPad line, with its range of sizes, computing power, and prices, there's no single Windows tablet that fits everyone's needs. Included keyboard cover and digital stylus. Keyboard cover is a pricey extra.

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The New Streaming Giants Explained. Underwhelming graphics performance. Then there's the question of connectivity.

Sharp high-resolution touch display in new larger size. Microsoft Surface Go Review. Xbox wireless controller receiver is integrated.

Dell Latitude Rugged Extreme Tablet. As ever, keyboard sold separately.

Very bright, polarized screen. The well-built Surface Go is the least expensive route into Microsoft's superb Surface tablet line, and the most portable option. Called Windows Hello, it's also available on laptops and desktops, but it's most useful on tablets that don't have a keyboard handy to enter a complex, secure password. Somewhat restrictive configuration combinations.